Friday, June 10, 2011

True Testimony of Benjamin Joseph

Benjamin Joseph lost his father when he was 6 years old. After that his sister started working for her family’s survival. Being one of the youngest twins, Ben grew up in a totally disturbed atmosphere. His mother was a strong believer of God but he grew up in a bad company and because of trembling financial status he went into a bad company of friends where they made money during elections and spend on themselves.

During that time, some youth Christians came into his locality and started spreading gospel. One day, Ben also attended it and when he heard the gospel, all his previous life started moving in front of his eyes. He started crying and that moment he changed. When he shared his experiences with his friends, they all started calling him mad but later on they also accepted Christ as their personal savior and left all the bad habits and started their own ministry.

When Benjamin and his friends were involved in this, that time he met Sujata, a catholic and the sister of Ben’s best friend, who had recently came into God and started working together. Gradually, after working for the same ministry for over 6 years, both of them decided to get married. At that time, both of them were willing but they could not as they didn’t have enough money for their marriage. So, they prayed and God arranged their marriage in a miraculous way.

Things were going good in their life but after sometime, Ben’s health started falling. Initially, he thought that it could be asthma, as he was suffering from it when he was a child. But when the situation was not getting controlled, he was admitted to the hospital and reports came that his both the kidneys got failed and they were shocked. Also, the doctor told that he would die but he was then with the dialysis for 8 months. Ben’s wife was working in a school but when his condition worsened, she had to leave her job and look after him but that affects their financial condition. And at one point of time, they had no money for his dialysis. Then Ben and his wife prayed. Within a few hours, a believer from his church came and offered him an envelope.

One day, a believer from one of his colleague’s church came all of a sudden and offered his kidney. Then a night before the operation, when Ben was taken for the final dialysis, he fainted. His heart stopped beating, and he was lying frozen. Then they immediately called his wife and asked her to see him for the last time. She went there, saw his condition and cried and asked God to give his life. She held his hands and said, Ben come back, as you have to do the will of the God. She said it for a few times, and then asked the doctors to give him electric cardiac shocks. But nothing happened. Then he was put on the ventilator.

Then Sujata prayed for the whole night, and the very next day, he came into conscious. Seeing his condition, the doctors denied operation as the insulin level was very low in his body and they had a doubt that he could die on the operation table if operated. Then he asked the doctors to operate as God will not let him die because he has to save many more lives. Then he was operated and his kidney transplant was successful. After just a few month of the operation, Ben started his service and his health has been recovered.

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