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Rambabu – Testimony of Hindu Brahmin from Karnataka

Rambabu – Testimony of Hindu Brahmin from Karnataka

Rambabu comes from a very well educated orthodox Brahmin family. His father is a professor in English from a reputed College. His mother is also an English teacher. He has 2 siblings who are both lecturers in English. The family belongs to the highest Hindu caste of Brahmins. Since childhood Rambabu grew up listening to many mythological stories from his grandmother. She used to say that in olden days, it was known that because we cannot see God physically in the world, he has created Brahmans in the world. All the thousands of gods live in the Brahmins. Rambabu from his childhood would perform all religious duties in two different temples. He would pray and perform “puja” every morning and night. Rambabu knew all the religious traditions so well that other people would invite him to perform religious activities in their homes. He was such strict Brahmin that he would not eat in any other’s home other than Brahmins.

Ram babu’s parents were secular Hindus who believe, all religions are the same and all gods are equal. But Rambabu hated Jesus Christ and hated the Christian people. He even used to spit in front of churches. He thought Christianity is a foreign religion. His father used to warm him that it is not good to abuse any form of god or religion. But Rambabu strongly believed that the only true religion is his, and no other religion can come every close to it. He thought Christians are people whose origins are lowly and they can be no way compared to the high caste Hindus. There were times when Rambabu burned the Bible which are distributed by the Gideon’s ministry. He would throw the burning Bible high in the sky and ask the Christians why God is not rescuing the Bible from burning down to ashes. He used to mock at them.

rambabu testimony Rambabu   Testimony of Hindu Brahmin from Karnataka

When he was young, slowly he slipped into smoking and drinking. But he was confident that he is a strong willed person and whenever he wants to stop these habits, he will be able to leave it. However, the habits started to control him. He became ill and weak. He was less attentive in his classes and began failing in his subjects. He was not able to stand in the laboratory experiments. His parents had no idea of his struggle. Rambabu did not want them to know anything but he felt that he was deceiving them. Rambabu tried different astrology pundits and gurus but it was of no use. His health and academics were failing. He felt very disappointed and went to a famous guru. He told him that he is suffering because of his previous karma and he cannot do anything about it now. Rambabu was shocked; he thought he is a Brahmin in this life because of his previous good life. This was very confusing to him. He asked the guru what he was in his previous life. But the guru said no one can ever know what he or she was in the previous life. Rambabu left disheartened, hopeless and sad.

The Way to Church

He started taking tuitions because of he had failed in college. He had to pass through a church to go to his college every day. One day he saw some meeting was being conducted in that church. He heard people clapping and singing. This made him very angry. He thought these Christians only exist to convert others; they offer money and food to people and make them Christians. So he spit in front of the church and went on. That day, he only had one class so he returned soon. While returning on the way back home, he again passed through that same church. The meeting was still going on, which irritated Rambabu. He thought to himself these Christians have no other work but waste their time. So a brilliant idea came to his mind, he thought he will go inside disturb some people. He had never been to church before. So he went inside and sat on the last bench. He started throwing one stone here and there on some people. But still the meeting went on. After a while, towards the end, the preacher asked everyone to pray. And at once there was a silence in the whole place. This silence scared him. He thought now he is stuck, if he moved now, people will notice him. So he sat through the prayer. In the prayer the preacher said, “What is impossible to men is possible to God”. He also said that “Jesus is the only one who gives hope, joy and life. If you have any problems, sickness and burdens come to him now”.

Rambabu was very angry. He thought how this man can claim such promise. He had a Muslim friend whose sister was mute. She was able to hear but could not utter a single sound or word. The family took her to the best of doctors but there was no healing. They even took to Muslim and Hindu priests in the hope to get healing. But she was not cured. Rambabu decided to take her friend and his sister to this foolish preacher who is claiming extraordinary promises of healing and restoration.

At the Front Row in Church

The next day Rambabu took his friend’s sister to the church. The people in the church were surprisingly happy to see Ramababu come to church and they led him to the front row. Now Rambabu had to sit and listen to the preaching. In the sermon, preacher said, “We all have sinned, and so we need to be punished by God but God loved us so much that he took our punishment on him. He took our curse, poverty, sins and sickness. He died and rose back again on the third day”. Rambabu had never heard anything like this before. He was stunned. As a Hindu he believed in “karma and reincarnation”. Everyone is responsible for his own deeds. This was a new teaching. How can someone die for my deeds (karma). He had many questions rising in his mind. He was utterly confused. At the end of the sermon, the preacher said if anyone wants to give his life to Jesus Christ can come forward. He did not know what the meaning to “give life” to Jesus Christ. Then, the preacher said if anyone wants healing please come forward. At once Rambabu stood up with his friend’s sister and went forward. The preacher asked, “do you believe Jesus can heal her?” Rambabu just for the sake of saying said, “yes”. So the preacher prayed but no miracle happened. The preacher said do not be disappointed, come back again.

Witnessing Miracle

Rambabu thought there was no harm in trying again. The next evening he again went to the church. He was again in the 1st row. He again heard the preaching on Jesus Christ. Again there was a salvation call. Again there was a call for healing. Rambabu went forward with the friend’s sister. The preacher prayed and commanded in the name of Jesus Christ, “Oh mute spirit, come out of this sister.” After the prayer, the preacher told the mute girl, to say “Jesus.” And the girl uttered “Jesus”! At once, the mute spirit left her. Rambabu was dumbfounded. All the people were surprised too. He was thinking how can this be real? The girl spoke her name too. It was the miracle which everyone witnessed. The preacher said to Rambabu that this same Jesus Christ can free you from any bondage of sins and bad habits. Rambabu could not understand, he thought how can this man know about my life and my personal struggles?

That night Rambabu could not sleep. He was not ready to believe what he witnessed that evening. How can this be possible in this scientific age and times? How can Jesus Christ, whom he mocked and hated, do such a miracle? Why were the other gods he prayed did not do any kind of such miracles? While he was going through this inner turmoil, he felt someone entered his room. He remembered the preacher’s words and he prayed, “Jesus forgive my sins and come into my life”. Something burst into his heart. He repented and gave his life to Jesus Christ on January 21st, 1983. This experience changed his life forever. Sooner, his family started noticing the change in him and were very happy. But when he said that he would not worship any other gods, they were very offended. They kicked him out of the house. All the people in his community thought he was a fool to abandon all the wealth, respect and love of the family and go after some foreign god. Many other incidents happened, which you can hear in the videos below.

Later on, Rambabu finished his college, got a great job as a lecturer. In 1989, he responded to the call of fulltime ministry. He is the founder of “New Creation Ministries” based in Bellary, Karnataka, India. Today he preaches the good news of Jesus Christ around the world, conducting large crusades. His preaching follows by many miracles.

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