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Blessed are the Meek – Beatitudes Bible Study Series | Part 3 of 8

Bible Study Lesson: Matthew 5: 3-12

“Blessed are the Meek, for they will inherit the earth” – This third of 8 beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12) is a direct quotation of Psalm 37:11.

The meaning of Meek

  • A person with humble and gentle heart
  • It describes a person who is kind and considerate to others, even to those who oppose him, who is easily approachable, not prideful or resentful, not temperamental or harsh.
  • It is an outward expression of inward humility, strength and spiritual poise. While others may act aggressively, the Meek walks in godly peace, others may claim their rights, the Meek focuses on his duties, while others may seek revenge, the Meek gives way for judgment of God.
  • It does not imply weak, sad, subdued person or false modesty. But it portrays a man who willfully and joyfully considers his own life worth nothing, when compared to the greatness of God, he has experienced. The words of Paul have similar expression in Phil 3:7-11.

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Meekness in Bible

  • Meekness is often commended in the bible. You will be surprised to see such an emphasis on this quality. (The word ‘Meek’ is used about 22 times in the bible.)
  • It is one of the fruit of Holy Spirit. (Galatians 5:22 – ‘gentleness’)
  • It is the character, Jesus himself associated with. Matthew 11:29 – “For I am gentle and humble in heart…”
  • It is the mark of disciple of Jesus. (Eph 4:2)
  • Christian leaders are to be meek. (2 Timothy 2:25)

Historical Setting:

  • Consider the historical setting in Jesus’ time, the multi-cultural society consisted of Jews, Romans and Greeks, who often fought for their supremacy.
    • The Jews took pride in their race, being superior to others.
    • The Romans took pride in their power, the greatest empire in those times.
    • The Greeks took pride in their knowledge, the greatest minds of that age.
  • Notice, Jesus did not assert the prideful or the aggressor, but rather the ‘Poor in Spirit’ and the ‘Meek’.

The Promise: Inheritance

  • What an amazing promise and reward, God gives to those who are meek! – “They will inherit the earth.”
  • There are more than 200 instances of the word ‘inherit’ or its derivatives in old testament.The patriarchs and the prophets looked forward to the ‘Promise land’ as a fulfillment of great blessings.
  • Inheritance comes as a legacy and gift. (Bible study on Spiritual Gifts)
  • The meek will be the heirs and partakers of the Kingdom of God.

The more I study the beatitudes, the more I realize that these characteristics are not something you can get instantly. It is a subtle, gradual change. There are not set rules to achieve them. Only thing you can do is to allow God to completely transform you from within. And it is very difficult to give up control of our life and let God be in driving seat. (I am talking about Christians.)

“Change me from within; change my heart and let me be a person, you want me to be.”

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