Friday, May 27, 2011

Keep your eyes on the light

Jesus loves the church. He gave His life for the church. If you are ever going to be victorious in the spiritual battles of life, you must realize that Christianity is not a “Lone Ranger” religion. The church is here to bind together and win the battle together.

Jesus loves the Church, which is His body. If we love Jesus, we will love what He loves.

Christ was a man and he was God. Jesus said he was God and the Apostles called him God. The early church fathers stated he was divine and secular writings confirmed he was worshiped as such. Prophecies of Jesus can also be found in the Old Testament saying he will be God in the flesh and will be killed and raised again.

In every believer’s life, shadows will encroach. Hard times will hit. People you love will get sick and die. You’ll be betrayed by someone you trusted. And yet through it all, we must remember the one rule that gives us hope: keep your eyes on the light.

When you enter seasons in your life when it seems like the shadows are everywhere, keep your focus on God. While the shadows may still be there, you’ll be focused on the only One who will one day make every shadow disappear!

Some people find so much to criticize today. And I believe at the core of that criticism is a reluctance to be a part of a church that’s committed to bringing people to Christ and doing battle with Satan. There are men and women in the church today who want to focus more on the comforts of church on their own terms than actually being a church on the offensive against spiritual darkness.

The church is not a cruise ship; it’s a battleship! The church doesn’t exist for you to have all the programs, nice seats, and good music you want. It exists to be used by God to disarm the powers of darkness in this world.

So remember that you’re not part of the Body of Christ just so you can enjoy the ride and have everything your way. You’re there so you can be part of the fight!

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