Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's always a battle when we share Christ with others

The moment you accepted Jesus, you gained many new titles: child of the King, heir of the eternal Kingdom, Christ’s ambassador . . .

Do you ever think of yourself that way? As an ambassador to a culture based on an entirely separate foundation from our own? Because that’s just what you are!

It’s a dangerous assignment. Ambassadors to war-torn countries can become casualties, and we are nothing if not spiritually at war with the prince of this world. Millions of our brothers and sisters have already fallen victim, becoming conformers who have forgotten how to think biblically, imitating the soulless and superficial culture around them.

It’s safer to stay at home, within our own little Christian world, preaching to the choir. We can read only Christian books, watch only Christian media, make only Christian friends...and betray the One who touched lepers, ate with tax-collectors, and called us to follow in His footsteps.

Or we can equip ourselves to be in the world while refusing to be of it. We can steep ourselves in God’s Word so that everywhere we look, we discern the lies of our culture against a backdrop of Truth. Then we can use what we know to speak to the lost in a language they will understand.

This reminds us of the Bible in Acts 16, Paul was at "battle creek," fighting for the souls of those who had gathered on the riverside. Lydia and her family were converted, and then others were saved. But the battle for souls turned ugly when Paul was arrested and beaten. Yet even that led to other conversions and to the planting of a church in the city of Philippi.

It's always a battle when we share Christ with others. A spiritual conflict rages in heavenly places as we seek to win souls. But Jesus told us that as we trust Him, rivers of living water would flow from within us. Don't be afraid of the warfare. Seek the lost at any cost and bear your witness boldly for Christ today.

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