Friday, October 31, 2014

Where our restless Hearts will be

“There remains therefore a rest for the people of God" - Hebrews 4:5''

  Billy Graham says, we are the most entertained generation in history.  Television sets pull in hundreds of channels; professional sports teams and pop music groups take in (and spend) billions of dollars; million s of people own second and third homes for vacations; our children are upset if they don't get the latest computer games for Christmas.

I believe this frantic search for entertainment is a symptom of something deeper.  Some have suggested we are the most bored generation in history--and perhaps they are right.  Down inside is an empty place in our hearts--a restlessness, a search for inner peace and tranquility--that will not go away.  The irony is, the more we try to satisfy it, the less content we become.

     I know little about nuclear fission or uranium and other elements used in making nuclear explosives.  Yet I believe in the atomic bomb, and so do you.  But how can we believe that it exists, if we don’t understand it or have any scientific knowledge about the way it works?

     The answer is obvious.  Others understand nuclear fission even if we don’t, and other have seen what happens when a nuclear reaction takes place, even if we haven’t.  We read what they say, and we accept it as the evidence of reliable witnesses.

    I spend much of my time pursuing the pages of a book---the Bible.  In it I discover that centuries ago God acted and spoke, and reliable witnesses have written it down.  God even guided them as they wrote, so that now i read the very words of God Himself.

In the same way, Christians don't fail to live as they should because they are in the world; they fail because the world has gotten into them.  We don't fail to produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit because we live in a sea of corruption; we fail because the sea of corruption has gotten into us.

    It can happen almost without our realizing it.  At one time we were dedicated to Christ, surrendered to the will of God.But little by little the chilling waters of the world crept in.  We became preoccupied with the things of this world rather than the things of Christ.

Only Christ can fill that empty space in our hearts, and He will as we open our lives to Him.  But God's Word also points us to the future--to Heaven, where our restless hearts will be at peace.  "There remains, therefore, a rest for the people of God. 


Raj Kosaraju

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